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Why practice mindfulness & meditation?

A mindfulness & meditation practice helps us to reduce stress, be healthier & improve our concentration & memory.


It can help us be at ease within ourselves & connect meaningfully with others.


It can help us to develop patience, wisdom, appreciation and develop a richer & more joyful life.

What I offer

If you would like further information or advice about mindfulness and medication, feel free to get in touch. I'm happy to offer (at no cost):

- an online guided meditation session (using Zoom)


- an online conversation about the practice of mindfulness & meditation


I'm particularly happy to support charities, schools, NHS and not-for-profit health & social care organisations at no cost. I am also happy to provide mindfulness and meditation tuition to profit-making organisations (although a fee will apply).

If you are interested in psychotherapy, counselling or coaching, please visit my sister website: 

About me

I was a Buddhist

Monk in the Thai

Forest tradition of

the Theravada school

of Buddhism for 6

years & have been

practicing mindfulness

& meditation for 30



I am a practicing Psychotherapist & am a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists (BACP). I also work as an executive coach. 


I also have had over 20 years experience in the voluntary & education sectors, in various management, executive & governance roles and I have a MSc degree in Voluntary Sector Management.

I very much hope you find these resources valuable and look forward to hearing from you.

Stuart Nevill


About this website

The practice of mindfulness & meditation has been central to my personal & professional life for three decades. Through this website I share blogs, videos & podcasts to support you in your practice. I hope you find the practice of mindfulness and meditation as valuable as I have. 

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