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  • Stuart Nevill

Developing mindfulness in daily life (Part 2)...

Updated: May 20, 2020

Have you found that no matter how many yoga or mindfulness classes you attend or how many apps or guided meditations you listen to, there are areas of your life where mindfulness just doesn’t get a look in? Have you wondered how to build a bridge between the meditation cushion or yoga mat and the rest of your life? If so, you’re not alone.

No matter how relaxed and peaceful we feel at times, we are likely to become increasingly aware of the extent to which we are not mindful. Re-establishing mindfulness is to bring awareness to the state of mind that just a moment ago was distracted.

The more we practice mindfulness, the more we learn about the extent to which we can and can’t be mindful. Becoming more aware of what distracts us is to become more aware of the ways in which we get lost, anxious, stressed or carried away by mindless daydreams. These are the areas of our lives where we can helpfully bring our mindfulness practice. When we catch ourselves thinking compulsively, getting stressed or anxious, that’s the time to take a breath, relax, and locate how our body feels.

The fact that it’s difficult is the reason to keep doing it. Our busy and distracted minds are not symptoms of personal weakness. Our state of mind is quite simply a natural consequence of our past experiences. Each time we bring our attention back to the present moment we expand the strength and reach of our mindfulness a little further, building greater awareness of our inner life and weakening the dynamics that draw our attention away from the moment in which our life is happening.

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