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  • Stuart Nevill

Personal integrity in groups

In the development of wisdom, we each find a balance between our individual integrity and co-operation with others, in our relationships and in the groups to which we belong.

The feeling of belonging is wonderful and it holds so much promise, but it is fragile. Bonds of trust and systems of control and conformity can pull against each other

Self-aware individuals within a group recognise when they get caught up in fragmented and polarised group dynamics. They are able to set a wise example and provide containment for the unpacking and understanding of conflicted group dynamics.

It is the height of personal and professional maturity to be able to be connected with others, whilst remaining individuated enough to reflect, to be able to have new and independent thoughts, to be able to understand and sense check that the morality and behaviour of the group to which we belong feels right to us.

Groups benefit from individuated members, if they can accommodate them.

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